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The Cremerie de Paris has a long history .... the Nicolas V de Villeroy years

before ... birthplace of Louis XIV (2/7)

Louis XIV's main childhood home
Palais Royal (ex Palais Cardinal)

Palais Royal, rue Saint Honore
The Palais Royal is located at approximately 204 rue Saint Honoré
in the center of Paris (today the 1st Arrondissement).

Anne d'Autriche
The mother of Louis XIV, Anne d'Autriche did not feel comfortable at the Louvre.
She thought that the long hallways were too cold in the winter.
After the death of her husband King Louis XIII
she prefered to move to the Palais Royal.

During the years 1646 and 1654 Louis XIV frequently went from the Palais Royal to the Hotel de Villeroy
agrandir le plan fait par Jan Janssonius en 1657
This map was drawn by Jan Janssonius in 1657 when Louis XIV was 19 years old.
It shows the close walking distance from the Palais Royal
to the Louvre (2minutes) and the Hotel de Villeroy (10 minutes)

Louis XIV frequently went from his home
the Palais Royal
to the nearby Hotel de Villeroy owned by his tutor, Nicolas V de Villeroy.

The Hotel de Villeroy "down the road"
going along the rue Saint Honoré towards les Halles.
Rue Saint Honoré still exists and has not change that much,
it is one of the most historic streets in Paris.

Palais Royal is located on the level of n° 204 rue Saint Honoré
(it has no street number, N°204 is located next to it)
and the Hotel de Villeroy next to n° 33 rue Saint Honoré,
at the corner of rue des Bourdonnais / rue des Déchargeurs / rue de la Limace.

At the time Rue de Rivoli and Rue des Halles,
built much later under Baron Haussmann,
did not exist.

With some interruptions Louis XIV lived at the Palais Royal
between 1643 and 1661.

Today Palais Royal occupies
the French Ministère de la Culture
the Conseil Constitutionel
and the Conseil d'Etat.

Another place in the childhood of Louis XIV
Hôtel de Villeroy
rue des Déchargeurs / rue des Bourdonnais
porcher de l'Hotel de Villeroy / Cremerie de Paris
Cremerie de Paris was during the Childhood of Louis XIV
the garden of the Hotel de Villeroy, only the green gate you can see on the picture existed.
The courtyard you can see through the window
is almost identically the same.
Today's address is 9 rue des Déchargeurs / corner 15 rue des Halles
and 34 rue des Bourdonnais on the other side.
The entrance from "rue de la Limace" still exists
but it is hidden by a 1870 building on 19 rue des Halles.

Rue de la Limace and parts of the rue Saint Honoré were absorbed
by the later creation of the Rue des Halles.

Nicolas V de VilleroyAnne d'Autriche and her children
1646: March, Nicolas V de Villeroy,
48 years old
was nominated educator of the young King,
a 7 year old child.

It was a tradition in the Kingdom of France
to leave very young Princes with a nanny.
But when the boys were 7 years old
(the age of certain understanding ... in French called "age de raison")
the responsability of their education was handed over to a man
choosen by the King.

Louis XIV enfants
Louis XIV around 1646, times when Nicolas V de Villeroy became his educator. Portrait by Philippe de Champaigne

Louis XIV was frequently at the Hotel de Villeroy from 1646 onwards

un lieu d'enfance de Louis XIVvue dans la cour historique de l'Hôtel de Villeroy et une partie de la Cremerie de Paris ... photo avec Mathilde Toquennevue dans la cour de l'Hotel de Villeroy / Cremerie de Paris
Louis XIV was lucky not to meet Mathilde Toquenne
Mathilde organizes the planning of the expos that take place at the Cremerie de Paris
(in the picture she is reading her SMS) ...
When ever "little Louis" would have been "difficult" or behave like "a special creature of god",
Mathilde, that is very beautiful and original, would have known how to reply ...
Not sure how his governor Nicolas V de Villeroy was able to handle him
as Louis was a rather wild child ...

The children playing in our courtyard
Louis XIV as a childThe courtyard of the Cremerie, the fashion stylist Eloudie Badohoun and a picture of Louis XIVthe staircase of the Hotel de Villeroy
Louis XIV frequently came to the Hotel de Villeroy,
main home of his educator
and home of the young Villeroy children, Catherine and François.
The children liked to play all around the house, its beautiful courtyard and it's garden
located on the grounds of part of today's Cremerie de Paris.

Louis XIV as a childPrince Philippe d'Orleans
The oldest one of the children was Louis XIV, (born in 1638)
followed by Catherine de Neufvillie de Villeroy (born in 1639)
and the King's younger brother Prince Philippe de Bourbon (born in 1640).
By far the youngest child was Francois de Villeroy (born in 1644).

Unfortunately the Cremerie could not find any images
the Villeroy children at a young age.
Images only exist when they were grown up.
If ever YOU should have some images
please send a copy to the Cremerie de Paris. :-)
It is also possible that other young children were part of the group.

One could think that the small François de Villeroy
was much to young for the other children,
but funny enough
Louis XIV developped a fascination for him,
as if he had enjoyed to have a protective role for a much younger child.

The friendship between Louis XIV et François de Villeroy last all their live
and continued to play an important role in the history of France ...

escalier d'honneur Hotel de VilleroyNumber 5 in the escalier d'honneur of the Hotel de Villeroy
According to the legend the children loved to escalate the
beautiful staircase of the escalier d'honneur,
a staircase that, 3 centuries later,
fascinated fashion icons and many important people.

One of them was fascinated by the "number 5"
The number "5" in the staircase symbolizes Nicolas "V" de Villeroy.

Another place in the childhood of Louis XIV
Château de Villeroy à Mennecy

Chateau de Villeroy à Mennecy
sometimes Nicolas V de Villeroy took
Louis XIV and his children Catherine and François de Villeroy
to his Château de Villeroy in Mennecy,

ruines du Chateau de Villeroyruines du Chateau de Villeroyruines du Chateau de Villeroyvestiges d'un heritage culturel perdu
Unfortunately the castle (château) does not exist any more.
It was not destroyed by real estat speculation, but buy a later owner
that the "amazing idea" to sell the stones it was built of as construction material.
Not very thoughtfull for later generations.
Louis XIV must have been to the Château de Villeroy between 1646 and 1654 ?
(but we need to study more about history to find proofs of this supposition).

l'impressionante allée des Sequoias dan le parc de Villeroyavec 134 arbres la deuxième allée de Sequoias la plus longue d'Europel'impressionante allée des Sequoias dan le parc de Villeroyles séquoias ont été plantées en 1887
Luckily the city of Mennecy protects the park,
an amazing 108 ha park with very old trees.
The above photos show the allée des Sequoias.
When you see the trees, they are so big that one could think
that Louis XIV and François de Villeroy have known them ...
But in reality the trees have been planted in 1887, the time Emile Zola
came to the Cremerie de Paris, a long long time after the Villeroy.

If you are interested in the history of France and the Villeroy family,
the park is worth seeing and it is not very known.
There is a direct subway connection via RER D
from Chatelet les Halles (Hôtel de Villeroy / Cremerie de Paris)
to the Gare de Mennecy (5 minutes walking distance from the parc de Villeroy).

Another place in the childhood of Louis XIV
small Hunting castle in Versailles

petit chateau de Versailles construit sous Louis XIII
Sometimes the Villeroy children
were invited to come to the Relais de chasse de Versailles.
Their earliest visits were around 1651
Later the relais de chasse was transformed par Louis XIV
to become the château de Versailles.
He moves in there in 1682 after some years at the Vieux Chateau de Saint Germain en Laye.

End of Nicolas V de Villeroy's role as educator

Louis XIV en 1654 par Justus van Egmont
Around 1654, year of this portrat by Justus van Egmont
Nicolas V de Villeroy's mission as an educator was accomplished.
But the King and Nicolas V stayed friends until his death in 1685.
The friendship with his son lasted until the end of his life and beyond.

With the move of Louis XIV to the Château de Saint Germain en Laye
the Villeroys build a second Hôtel de Villeroy in Saint Germain en Laye
and sold the "historic" Hotel de Villeroy in 1671.

Hotel de Villeroy in Paris
after Louis XIV moving to Saint Germain en Laye

When Louis XIV settles his court at Saint Germain en Laye
the Villeroy follow him.
They build another new "Hotel de Villeroy" 18 rue de la Salle
facing the castel of Saint Germain.
They sold the historic "Hotel de Villeroy" in 1671.
Later they moved with Louis XIV to the court of Versailles.

The next owner of the building was the Pajot & Rouillé family
a family that had a royal license to run the postal service,
at the time a very prosperous private business
that lasted until 1738.

For the moment nobody knows
when Louis XIV has been to the Hôtel de Villeroy for the last time.
- It could have been around 1661 ??,
the moment he set up his court at Saint Germain en Laye

- It could also have been just before 1671 ??, date when the building was sold.

- It is also possible that the King has retourned to the house at a later time
even until 1711 ?? , the year of the end of his life.
Thanks to the revenues of the postal service
the following owners, the Pajot & Rouillé family
had once again transformed to house into a hotspot,
one of the most elegant houses in Paris.
Many magic receptions were held by Leon 1er Pajot or his associate Louis Rouillé
or their common children and grandchildren.

Documentation was lost during the French Revolution.
Imagine not even the name of the architect is known today.
The museums of France are full of treasures
that have once been in the Hôtel de Villeroy
it's only that nobody knows about the lost secrets

Maybe the Cremerie de Paris will be able to find out more ...

The first Cremerie de Paris opened in 1869 which was during the beginning of
Napoleon III's Pavillon Baltard food market.
It was a prominent cheese store with many famous customers
from the late 19th or early 20th century.

Historic merits of an unknown person
There is someone that has a lot of merits in this story.
Cremerie de Paris has heared people from the area talk about this person
but it still does not know the name ...
It's a person that is/was in Love with Paris,
a person with little financial possibilites and a lot of energy,
eventually a retired school teacher ...
She/he managed to save the Hotel de Villeroy from distruction in the 1970ies

She/he was able to convince the Ministry of Culture to list the building
as a Monument historique (historic Monument)
and to stop a project from some real estate promoters
connected to President Georges Pompidou
Pompidou like to "faire place à la modernité" (create space for the modern times).

Like the Pavillons Baltard
and the very beautiful last buildings on rue des Halles
the Hôtel de Villeroy was supposed to be demolished
... to become a modern car parking.
At the time the entire Hôtel Particulier (historic townhouse)
was owned by the Belle Jardinière a department store
which was in 1972 bought by the Willot brothers (group Agache Willot),
real estate speculators that ended in a bankrupcy scandal.

Arrival of today's Cremerie de Paris

Today's Cremerie de Paris only arrived in 1993,
322 after the departure of the Villeroy
as one of 4 Boutiques for Sony products, all located on rue des Halles.
The Boutiques called Electrica for Sony started in 1985
and were opened by the editor of this article at a time he was 20.

The Boutiques were a big success and attracted
audio visual minded "Sony Lovers" from everywhere including Lady Diana,
but the "grande epoque" of Sony did not last ....

From 1995 to 2005 the Boutiques progressively
became what must have been the very first Internet cafe in Paris.

Again the building was used by people that played a certain role
in the history of the 20th century.

One of them was Aimee de Heeren, a Lady of unbeleivable vitality and beauty,
in the late 1930s she was the unofficial "first Lady of Brazil",
later in the early 1940s the girlfriend of JFK's older brother Joseph Kennedy Jr.
She was almost a hundered years old when she came to the cafe
and she was very amused to know a bit
of the "just born Internet phenomenon"
so that she could tell "old people" (30 years younger that herself)
how much she enjoyed to surf on the web.

This attracted the "Tout Paris" to take lessons at the Internet Cafe ...

In 2000 and 2001 Princess Soraya,
once the Queen of Iran was the cafe's most charming and most regular student
and her visits resulted
in the later creation of the website Palace Hotels of the World.

Many younger key people of the Internet might also have come,
during the early years of the Internet it was difficult to get a connection in Paris
but unfortunately the cafe did not keep un "livre d'or" (a visitors book).

The cafe closed in 2005 as wifi connections became available everywhere
but what is left from the Cybercafe times
is a multitude of iconic Internet Domain names
and the historic real estate.

In 2011 the Cremerie reopened no longer as a Cybercafe,
nor as a cheese store but as expo center and film location.
This was the start of our ongoing inquiries about the past
... full of surprises ...

next .... Louis XIV and the Arts (4/7)

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