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The Cremerie de Paris has a long history .... the Nicolas V de Villeroy years
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Château Neuf in St Germain en Laye / Pavillon Henri IV

Anne d'Autriche
Louis XIII got married to Anne d'Autriche in 1615.
Their marriage was full of complications and disharmony
and it took them a very long time to give birth to an heir of the crown of France.

birth of Louis XIV
Louis XIV was finaly born 23 years after the marriage of his parents,
September 5th 1638 at the Pavillon Henri IV
in Saint Germain en Laye.
This birth, as it came so late, was seen as a miracle of God.
As a result Louis XIV is sometimes discribed as
"Louis-Dieudonné" (Louis the God-given).

Chateau Neuf de St Germain en Laye
Louis XIV is born at the Château Neuf de St Germain en Laye Septembre 5 1638.

naissance de Louis XIVvue sur le Pavillon Henri IVbirth of Louis XIVnaissance de Louis XIV
The Château Neuf does not exist any longer, but a few things remain
among them the last building on the right side, the Pavillon Henri VI.

naissance de Louis XIV
View on the room where Louis XIV was born.

Anne d'Autriche et ses enfants
2 years later, September 21 1640
was born a second child,
his brother Prince Philippe de Bourbon, later the Duke Philippe d'Orleans.

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