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Cremerie de
The Cremerie de Paris has a long history .... the Nicolas V de Villeroy years

before .... Childhood places of Louis XIV (3/7)

Already as a teenager, Louis XIV is fascinated by Art

Louis XIV loved arts and everything creative.
The Hotel de Villeroy which was one of his childhood
might have inspired him.
The house had been a cultural hotspot
long before Louis XIV,
in particular due to Madeleine de l'Aubespine.
Some of her own culture might have been transmitted.

Louis XIV reaction towards someting new ... Internet
Louis XIV loved everything spectacular.

In the first part of this article we mentionned that many unusual things happend
through history at the Cremerie de Paris.
And we discribed the Italian Lady Mrs Alba
from the map department of the Louvre Bookstore.
She had the opinion thinks that certain spots of the globe have a strong cultural impact.
Well there is something else ...

From 1995 to 2005 was located at the Cremerie an Internetcafe,
probably the first Internet Cafe in France.
Due to the Minitel (a prehistoric french version of the US born web)
Internet was pretty late to arrive in France.
The turn of the century was a verys fascinating moment beeing able to observe of the birth of the Internet.

One of the many phenomenons of the Internet are Internet Domains,
every proper website has an Internet Domain.
There are domains that are very easy to remembre and
others that are very complicated.
The domain of this website is "",
a 15 Letter .com domain ...., a bloked internet adress

L, le monogram de Louis XIV
The shorter the domain is, the easier it is to key into a computer.
Si Louis XIV était encore de ce monde,
il aurait certainement voulu posséder l'adresse

But this is not possible ...even for the "King of President of France",
as he does not control the web.
The inventor of the internet an American computer scientist
Dr Jon Postel bloked all One Letter domain,
because he wanted to stop someone like Louis XIV
or a large corporation like L'Oréal
to be able to monopolize a single letter of the alphabet., an internet adress Louis XIV would have liked

The shortest possible internet adresses are Two Letter domains.
But there are only 676 possible combinations from, to
These adresses were registered at the earliest possible time from
March 15 1985 onwards.

In 1986 were registered the first Two Letter Domains
by high technology companies with enormous technology expertise like
Hewlett Packard or General Electric registered their Initials or
These first domain registrants all had in common to be
from a field of science and to be located in the United States
as the Internet was born in the US.
Thanks to this cultural background they could feel the internet
which was not even live yet.

When most famous French companies
wanted to register their initials they were too late.

Concerning these unusual Two Letter Domains
there are a two or three exceptions related to France
one is
....edited from an historic spot this article has been writing about.

Why VB ?

The editor of this article had known some very artistic people when he was a child.
One of them was his aunt who was product designer.
She had a hard time in her family because she was very talented and very visionnary
which irritated those that were not.

She had mentionned to him as a child
that VB could mean Very Beautiful ....

VB stayed in his head
and one day with the expertise from the Cybercafe he was able to get the unusual domain.

The address is not only short
it's very visual on a computer keyboard.
The Cremerie uses it to write about the history
of Very Beautiful Brands, some of them like Nike
have a direct relation because they have organised an expo.

At the time we got the domain
we were still ignoring the history of our building.

Louis XIV would have liked
that the initial "B" for his Bourbon family name
could be part of a truely spectecular Internet address.
Too bad he is not around to help us develop the content ...

Destiny can be curious ...

Internet Domains registered by the Versailles Palace
By the way he King would probably freak out
to see that the communication managers of his beloved palace
have absolutely no idea about the art of using
logic domain names.
Neither Chateau de
nor Chateau de

is working ....
and features a poster shop.

This shows how backward France was in relation to the arrival of the Internet.

Cremerie Talents

Cremerie de Paris ... talents
Louis XIV liked artistic people.
We thought about him when we created the Cremerie Talents list.
The list mentions different people that have come
either in the past
or today in connection to a very artistic expo.

visits to the Cremerie au fil du temps (over time)
since 1525

Of course Louis XIV is part of the list ....

The Hotel de Villeroy - again a cultural hotspot
Hotel de Villeroy et Cremerie de ParisHotel de Villeroy et Cremerie de ParisHotel de Villeroy et Cremerie de Paristext explaining the Villeroy building
When ever you come through Châtelet les Halles
(for those that do not know Paris, it is the very center of the city)
go to the rue des Déchargeurs
which connects the rue de Rivoli to the rue des Halles.
(Rue de Rivoli ends on place de la Concorde from where starts/ends the Champs Elyssées)

In front of n° 9 rue des Déchargeurs
you will see a very very old door gate
and next to it you can look right through the windows of the Cremerie de Paris.
The door gate and the courtyard are exactly the same
as they have been in the years 1646
when the young Louis XIV came to our house.

Nike Pop Up store à la Cremerie de Parisopening night of the Nike Barbershop Expo
In the windows you see different Videos
which cover different product expos which have
taken place at the Cremerie de Paris
... unless the windows are occupied by a new expo.

Stop for a moment ....
Look through the window ...
activate your imagination ...
almost all the Kings of France have walked through that courtyard
it's a magic place !

Little by little the Cremerie is becoming a hotspot
in the culture of advertisement.

The images above show the Cremerie
during the Nike Barber Shop Pop Up Store.
The expos was organized by Antoine Leca from the agency Auditoire
in correlation with Nike and the famous Nike TV Commercial "My Time is now".

People could come and get a free haircut
in the style of one of the Nike football players.
Not sure Louis XIV would have liked to get his long hair chopped off
to get a haircut in the style of Mario Balotelli, main actor of the TV spot ...
Anyways one expo is more original than the other.

Coco Chanel in the 1960ies
Coco Chanel would tell us
Louis XIV is sending you good vibes.
And compared to the times I came ... the Cremerie is in such a good shape now ...
Through a close friend in common, Aimée de Heeren
the editor of this article has heared so many insider stories about Mademoiselle Chanel
that he sometimes has the impression she was one of his secret friends.

Well the editor was too young when Chanel died,
but maybe Mademoiselle is also sending good vibes.
She loved the place and Louis XIV would have been more than impressed by her ...

next .... Saint Germain en Laye (5/7)

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