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Just Eat Pop Up

Just Eat Pop Up Store at Cremerie de Paris N°1

At the occasion of the Campions League final
Saturday 2022 May 28
Just Eat imagined an amusing event
with the Brazilian footballl player Roberto Carlos.

In front of the windows of Cremerie de Paris N°1 was constructed a new facade,
all in orange, the color of Just Eat.
The facade included a new door with a giant door bell.
Saturday afternoon many football fans had travelled to Paris,
in particular fans of the football clubs Liverpool FC and Real Madrid.
Just Eat asked people walking by Cremerie de Paris
if they wanted to participate in a game.

They had to press a giant door bell.
The power of several people was necessary to press the the Just Eat Bell.
Once people had managed to press the bell
the entire rue des Halles could hear a "dring dring"
followed my some Champions League sounds.

A Just Eat delivery person came out of the shop
with a big Just Eat bag.
The bag included fun presents,
a football, t-shirts.

For the winners of the game
there was a special present,
tickets for the football game
handed out by the famous
Brazilian footballer Roberto Carlos.

Just Eat

Just Eat eis a global company
founded in Denmark and in the Netherlands
and now based in th UK.

The company is a leader in restaurant deliveries.
Just Eat operates from different countries
France, UK, Irland, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Spain, Switzerland.

580.000 restaurants are connetcetd to Just Eat.

Creative Minds behind the Just Eat event:

The Pop Up Store
was organised by Michael van der Pouw (Just Eat)

a team of the
LA, London and Paris based agancy Left Productions
Joe Lukawski (Producer)
Alexis Loubes (Event Director)
Auriane Mallein (Production Assistant)
Cylia Karour (Production Management)
Juliette Houdent (Production Assistant)
Benoit Berland (Production Director)

Roberto Carlos
The Brazilian footballer Roberto Carlos in front of Cremerie de Paris.

Will Buttler - Matt Adams
The giant Door Bell was imagined by Will Butler et Matt Adams
working for the British Ad agency Dark Horses.

Cremerie de Paris N°1 empty (

2022 August when the 3D visit gets an update
you will see pictures of Just Eat in the next 3D visit.

Just Eat Videos made at Cremerie de Paris

2min13 Video Ring to Win by Just Eat (2022)

2:48 min time lapse about the Just Eat event (2022)

Just Eat Videos

0:18 min Did Somebbody say Just Eat (2019)

History of Just Eat Takeaway:

1999 October 12 Registration of the web domaine by Juitse Groen
2000 Fondation in the Netherlands of the company Takeaway
by Juitse Groen.

2001 Fondation of the company Just Eat in Denmark
by Jesper Buch, Per Meldgaard & Henrik Ostergaard.
2001 August 30 Registration of the domaine

2006 Just Eat moves the headquater to London

2009 Index Ventures invests in the Just Eat Company

2007 Takeaway starts operating in vBelgium and in Germany

2012 Just Eat buys the French company Allo Resto

2014 IPO - Just Eat listed at the London Stockmarket

2016 IPO Takeaway shares listed at the Euronext Stockmarket in Amsterdam

2020 Merger between Just Eat and Takeaway to become Just Eat

2021 Aquisition of Grubhub in the United States
2022 Mai 28 Pop Up Event at Cremerie de Paris with Roberto Carlos

Cremerie de Paris and food products:

Cremerie de Paris has a very long history
in relation to food products.
1370 Richard Neufville (1350 - 1401)
a fish merchant at the Paris les Halles foodmarket
bought an old house
which became - over a long period of time -
the "Hôtel de Villeroy Bourbon (VB) / Cremerie de Paris"
a hotspot in the Kingdom of France.

Richard's grandson,
Nicolas I Neufville (1480 - 1549)
was very clever and became a secretary of Finances
in the Kingdom of France.

Marguerite de Navarre
The heir of the VB mansion,
the great grandson of Nicolas I Neufville
was Nicolas IV Neufville de Villeroy (1543 - 1617)
At age 17 the young Villeroy helped
the country organising the
Royal Finances.
Villeroy was the advisor of 4 Kings
the Valois, Charles IX, Henri III
and the Bourbons, Henri IV and Louis XIII.
The family stayed at the house until 1671.

Cremerie de Paris N°3 vers 1920Cremerie de Paris N°3 vers 1920
The VB mansion was alwas is the immediate neighborhood of the Les Halles foodmarket.
The marked was renovated under the reign of Napoléon III.
The architect was Victor Baltard
the creative mind behind the project Empress Eugénie
The Les "Halles Centrales" market was considered to be the
world's most beautiful food market.

Cremerie de Paris N°1 around 1910Cremerie de Paris N°3 around 1910
Cremerie de Paris N°1 et Cremerie de Paris N°3 (Bistrot Gladines)
home of the Just Eat Pop Up Event around 1910

Left Productions
When Alexis Loubes and Joe Lukawski
wanted to find a location
for an exceptional food event
they wanted to go to a place with a real food history.

Even though the presence of Just Eat
was only 36 hours it is an addition to
an "open history book" covering
over 650 years of time.

Press Articles:
Real Madrid Galactios Roberto Carlos by
Roberto Carlos Final Champions League by
Just Eat builds giant doorbell in the center of Paris by LBB

Roberto Carlos by
Just Eat Doorbell caters ticketless Champions League fans by the
Just Eat builds giant doorbell in the center of Paris by LBB

Accès to the Just Eat Pop Up
Chatelet-les, sortie N°1
By Metro / RER
Metro 1,4,7,11,14 - RER A,B,D
use the new exit / sortie N°1 Porte Marguerite de Navarre
of the subway hub
When the giant escalators take you to the surface
you immediatley see a large organe sign "Just Eat"
located on Cremerie de Paris N°3 / Restaurant Gladines
N°3 is facing the Just Eat Pop Up at Cremerie de Paris N°1

- RER B direct connection
with the airports Roissy CDG (30 min - take a non stop RER B train)
Orly (30 min RER B et Orlyval) and Gare du Nord (4 min).
- Metro 4 direct connection
with Gare de l'Est (15 min) and Gare Montparnasse (19 min)
- Metro 14 direct connexion
with Gare de Lyon (5 min) et la Gare Saint Lazare (9 min).
- Metro 1 direct connexion
with Avenue des Champs Elysées (15 min)

The subway exit Chatelet les Halles N°1 faces the different Cremeries de Paris,
N°1, N°2, N°6, N°9, N°18, N°19 Pop Up Stores
and N°3, N°4, N°7, N°8, N°10 Pop Up Cafes.
Just Eat is right opposit sortie 1 called Marguerite de Navarre
at Cremerie de Paris N°1 et N°3.

Marguerite has already come by,
she was a writer and a friend of the Villeroy family
first owners of Cremerie de Paris,
but this was a long long time ago ...
Marguerite is considered to be the grandmother of the Bourbons,
the "B" du

By Bus (11,24,67,69,72,74,76,81,86) stop / arrèt rue de Rivoli / Pont Neuf

By Voiture, parking Pont Neuf facing Samaritaine (200 m)

By Scooter
avoid parking in zones reserved for bicyles !

Global Post Event visibility:

2022 ... The presence of Just Eat
at Cremerie de Paris was only for 36 hours.
Construction started Friday 2022 May 27 at 8 am,
Disassembly was finished Saturday 2022 May 26 at 8 pm.

But the presence of Just Eat will last through time.
The event will continue to be seen around the globe ...
as Cremerie de Paris
has something unique.
not even a 10.000 m2 venue on Champs Elysees
or on 5th Avenue has.
It's not only a question square meters.

Cremerie de Paris is
a historic location
with a very long history.
Over 650 year
since 1370
connecetd to many
Kings of France
inventors, tech pioneers, designers and products

Not everybody is interested in history,
but the Cremerie de Paris history
has a direct link
to the global presence
of the Just Eat event

through time ...

Back in 1671
Cremerie de Paris / the VB mansion
was the place where some pioneers
created the Royal French Postal Services.
The Postal Service ended in 1738
but Telecom returned in 1986
resulting in the
Phone Book of the World

Phone Book of the
Just Eat Videos
will be seen all around
the global directory

Phone Book of the
As Just Eat is a UK based company
it will also be on the cover of the
Phone Book of the UK
Part of a long and unique
Telecom History
is also a "Two Letter Domain",, acronym of Very Beautiful
or Villeroy Bourbon
There are only 676 Two Letter Domains
mostly based in the US or in China.

Only 2 "Two Letter Domains"
are in France, one in Paris. is also the only
ultra short web adress
in the hands of a
Museum / Pop Up Store location.

Cremeries de Paris

Autour du carré, rue des Halles, rue des Déchargeurs, rue de la Ferronnerie, rue St Honoré
= place Marguerite de Navarre
sortie N°1 du Métro Châtelet les Halles
entre Louvre et Marais, entre Canopée et Samaritaine

Meeting Place of the World's of famous Brands.

Rayonnement International


Telephone: +33 (0) 1 42 21 11 11
Website: Cremerie de

Cremerie de Paris
11 rue des Halles,
11 rue des Déchargeurs,
12 rue de la Ferronnerie,
45 rue St Honoré
75001 Paris
France Métro Châtelet les

Nouveau quartier :
Samaritaine - Châtelet les Halles