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Primark x NBA Influencer Event

Primark x NBA Influencer Event at Cremerie de Paris N°1
thursday January 12 2023

Influencer Cocktail
The Primark Influencer cocktail
was organised for the occasion of the January 18
NBA Paris game 2023
basketball event at Accor Arena.

Influencers were invited to have a good time at Cremerie de Paris
where a delicious cocktail was waiting for them.
Also a orange baloon pool, basketball nets, a tee-shirt printer,
a DJ, a popcorn machine and the amazing new collection of NBA clothes
sold through Primark stores.

Creative people behind the Primark x NBA Event:

The Influencer Event
is organised by
Lee Marriott, Elle Newman, Hannah Sharp, Matt Pollard, Back Marriott
from the Leeds UK based agency We Love This

Also involved in the event David Zmirov from Zmirov Communication

Window Stickers the Primark Pop Up Store
Window Stickers for the Primark Event

Metro exit Marguerite de Navarre & Cremerie de Paris N°1 by Primark

Cremerie de Paris N°1 empty

Videos made at Cremerie de Paris

0:55 min Primark x NBA Fashion Cocktail at Cremerie de Paris (2023)

Primark x NBA Pop Up on Instagram

Post on @zmirovcommunication

The Primark brand:

The name is a "contraction" of the words "price" and "mark" (brand).
Primark sells large quantities of clothes at inexpensive prices.
70.000 people work for the fashion group.

NBA / National Basketball Association
Membres of NBA
National Basketball Association (NBA)
is the world's main basket-ball league league.
29 American and one Canadian Team form the Association.

1) Chicago Bulls @chicagobulls
2) Milwaukee Bucks @bucks
3) Boston Celtics @celtics
4) Golden States Warriors @warriors
5) Atlanta Hawks @atlhawks
6) Philadelphia 76ers @sixers
7) Charlotte Hornets @hornets
8) Memphis Grizzlles @memgrizz
9) Washingon Wizards @washwizzards
10) Los Angeles Lakers @lakers
11) New Orleans Pelicans @pelicansnba
12) Minnesota Timberwolwes @timberwolves
13) New York Knicks @nyknicks
14) Toronto Raptors @raptors
15) Miami Heat @miamiheat
16) Indiana Pacers @pacers
17) Utah Jazz @utahjazz
18) Denver Nuggets @nuggets
19) Cleveland Cavaliers @cavs
20) San Antonio Spurs @spurs
21) Brooklyn Nets @brooklynnets
22) Portland Trail Blazers @trailblazers
23) Phoenix Suns @suns
24) Sacramento Kings @sacramentokings
25) Detroit Pistons @detoitpistons
26) Orlando Magic @orlandomagic
27) Houston Rockets @houstonrocktes
28) Dallas Mavericks @dallasmavs
29) Thunder OKC @okcthunder
30) LA Clippers @laclippers

The idea came up to launch a cooperation with Primark
to produce fashionable clothing.

more company history coming soon

A Influencer Event
at a true fashion hotspot
in the heart of Paris

Cremerie de Paris
is located near Louis Vuitton and Samaritaine
facing the main Chatelet les Halles subway exit Marguerite de Navarre
on the way to the Louvre and to Notre Dame.

The history of Cremerie de Paris
at the Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon VB mansion
is connected to fashion.

A lot of fashion events have happend ...

gate of the Cremerie de Paris / Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon
The history of VB and of Cremerie de Paris
goes back to the year 1370.
Over a long period of time the Villeroys, food merchands
at the Paris les Halles food market,
become advisors of the Bourbons,
Kings of France.
Nicolas IV Neufville de Villeroy (1542 - 1617)
inherits the mansion.
Villeroy becomes a minister of the first Bourbon King, Henri IV (1553 - 1610)
His grandson Nicolas V de Villeroy (1598 - 1685) becomes
the teacher of the 3rd Bourbon King
young Louis XIV (1638 - 1715).

Pavillon des Drapiers Cremerie de Paris designed for Primark
1648 started the construction of the Pavillon des Drapiers.
Young Louis XIV watched the mansion beeing erected
as he went to school next door, at the Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon VB.
The Pavillon was a fashion hotspot for over 200 years.
Queen Marie Antoinette loved to come by to meet young designers.
She was the wife of King Louis XVI, grandson of King Louis XV (great grandson of King Louis XIV).

Empress Eugeniefuture rue des Halles
1868 Empress Eugenie (1826 - 1920), wife of Napoleon III had a fascination
for the unique history of VB / Pavillon des Drapiers / Cremerie de Paris.
As the new Paris foodmarket was constructed and the Pavillon had to go
history turned from fashion to food,
with the opening of the legendaty Cremerie de Pqaris,
a milkstore at the foodmarket.
Eugenie decided to maintain the facade of the Pavillion
dismanteled, stone by stone
and reconstructed at the Musée Carnavalet.

Eugenie de MontijoAlix Hessen with her children
1870 - 1920 After the fall of the Second Empire
Eugenie was granted exile in the United Kingdom by Queen Victoria.
She loved to tell fairytales about Cremerie de Paris to children.
One of them, Alix Hessen, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria
later lived in Russia and repeated the stories
to her own children and their cousins.

Cremerie de Paris designed for PrimarkAlexei Romanov, Carl Solms
1910s Olga, Maria, Tatiana, Anastasia and Alexei Romanov
loved the VB fairytales.
They all wanted to travel to France
to discover Cremerie de Paris.

Only their cousins survived the Russian Revolution.
Dmitri Romanov, later boyfriend of Coco Chanel
and Carl Solms, later babysitter of the editor of this website
kept the story going.

Carl Solms and Ben SolmsBen Solms, Lee Marriott
1993 Cremerie de Paris fairytales were so beautiful
the idea came up to repopen the legendary place, abandonned for years
after the 1970 departure of the Les Halles foodmarket.
Coco Chanel had left a little jewel
that helped to finance the adventure.

First an avant-garde Internet Cafe
Cremerie de Paris hosts Pop Up Events since 2011.

2022 november 29
Lee Marriott and Elle Newman discovered Cremerie de Paris
visiting from Leeds.
This is how the Primark x NBA
event came alive ...

Press Articles:
10 ans plus tard ...
The NBA x Primark event continues to be seen
on the Irish Whitepages,

for the time of the Evebn...
Primark x NBA on the homepage
of Phone Book of the World /

Acces to the Primark Pop Up
Chatelet-les, sortie N°1
En Metro / RER
Metro 1,4,7,11,14 - RER A,B,D
use the new exit / sortie N°1 Porte Marguerite de Navarre
of the subway
Getting out of the metro you will see the
Primark Pop Up Store
located at Cremerie de Paris N°1

- RER B direct connection
with Roissy CDG (30 min - only take a much faster non stop direct train)
Orly (30 min RER B + Orlyval) and Gare du Nord (4 min).
- Metro 4 direct connection
with Gare de l'Est (15 min) and Gare Montparnasse (19 min)
- Metro 14 direct connection
with Gare de Lyon (8 min) and Gare Saint Lazare (9 min).
- Metro 1 direct connection
with Champs Elysées (15 min)

Sortie N°1 Chatelet les Halles N°1 faces our different Cremeries de Paris,
N°1, N°2, N°6, N°9, N°18, N°19 Pop Up Stores
and N°3, N°4, N°7, N°8, N°10 Pop Up Cafes.
Primark x NBA is on the right side of the exit Marguerite de Navarre
at Cremerie de Paris N°1.

Marguerite has already come by,
as she was a friend of the Villeroy family
first Cremerie de Paris,
but this was a long long time ago...
Marguerite is considered to be the grandmother of the Bourbons,
the letter "B" of

By Bus (11,24,67,69,72,74,76,81,86) arrèt rue de Rivoli / Pont Neuf

By Voiture, parking Pont Neuf face à la Samaritaine

By Scooter
avoid parking in a zone for bikes !

Global Post Expo Impact:

2022 ... The presence of Primark and NBA
at Cremerie de Paris was for a very short time,
a cocktail party for influencers during 3 hours.
Construction started Thuesday January 10 2023 at 2 pm,
Disassembly was finished Friday Jan 5 2023.

But besides the many influencer posts
the presence of Primark will last through time.
The event will continue to be seen around the globe ...
as Cremerie de Paris
has something unique.
not even a 10.000 m2 venue
on Champs Elysees or on 5th Avenue has.
It's not only a question square meters.

Cremerie de Paris is
a historic location
with a very long history.
Over 650 year
since 1370
connected to many
Kings of France
inventors, tech pioneers, designers and products

This is the reason why you also find the event
in the
Phone Book of the World

Phone Book of the

Phone Book of
Primark is
on the homepage of Phone Book of Ireland
Part of the long long Telecom history
is also part
a Two Letter Domain,
one of the shortest adresses of the web, acronym for Very Beautiful
ou de Villeroy Bourbon.

There are only 676 Two Letter Domains
mainly based in the USA or in China.

Only two "Two Letters"
are in France, one in Paris. is also the one and only Two Letter domain
in the hands of a Museum / Pop Up Store.

Omada will be added soon ...

Cremeries de Paris

Autour du carré, rue des Halles, rue des Déchargeurs, rue de la Ferronnerie, rue St Honoré
= place Marguerite de Navarre
sortie N°1 du Métro Châtelet les Halles
entre Louvre et Marais, entre Canopée et Samaritaine

Meeting Place of the World's of famous Brands.

Rayonnement International

Vue à travers le monde


Telephone: +33 (0) 1 42 21 11 11
Website: Cremerie de

Cremerie de Paris
11 rue des Halles,
11 rue des Déchargeurs,
12 rue de la Ferronnerie,
45 rue St Honoré
75001 Paris
Métro Chatelet les

Nouveau quartier :
Samaritaine - Châtelet les Halles